I have had the privilege for many years to study Sacred Relationship first with the primordial Ilnog tribe and with The Magdalen through Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion. I was profoundly struck by how very similar the two teachings were and how in both cases they are lived still today. Immediately after reading The Magdalen Manuscript some 20 years ago I committed to mastering and practicing daily the Alchemies of Horus. Eventually, I dared to humbly ask Tom and Judi if I could teach what Magdalen had shared with us in regards to Sacred Relationship– because I had experienced it firsthand in tribe. One day, to my enormous shock, I received their first ever permission to teach both The Alchemies of Horus and Sacred Relationship according to The Magdalen.In deep faith I offer a mentorship to my fellow initiates. The bliss of the smell of the Rose will carry you through the prick of its thorns. I am here to ferry you in order that All Life may be served by your Grace and Courage.

I am also offering to a limited number of Hierophants the guidance to practicing and accomplishing the Alchemies of Horus Meditation, the basis for both the solitary path and for practicing the Sex Magic of Isis with another.

Only the authority of Isis and Magdalen as per The Magdalen Manuscript will be used in this work.

Amun Amun Amen

Gwendydd Gorchinsky Lambo


Gwendydd Gorchinsky Lambo, the first person to receive permission to teach Egyptian High Alchemy and Sacred Relationship according to The Magdalen from Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion.