My Offer

Gwendydd Gorchinsky Lambo

  • I will take a limited number of Initiates into mentorship for learning the Alchemies of Horus Mediation. These hierophants must be willing to commit to the complete mastery of practicing the Alchemies of Horus Meditation.
  • Request a free 45 minute consultation, interview and explanation of what is required from both parties as this is an Initiatory Path
  • I offer a personal mentorship which takes into account your mastery of other meditative practices. Slowly and methodically I will guide you through the consecutive steps of acquiring the Alchemies of Horus Meditation focusing as well on how one integrates these new practices within the body and the teachings within our daily life. This offering is open to beginner and expert meditators.
  • Safety: This can only be shared on a personal level for yourself and other intimate relationships in your life. This work cannot be used professionally. One must have the permission from Tom Kenyon to be allowed to share these teachings.


3 sessions per week every second week (payment = 225$ in advance for the week of 3 sessions until mastery – 450$ per month)

Your Alchemical Journey

You, Hierophant, will be initiated into the progressive climbing footsteps of mastery of The Alchemies of Horus Mediation but what will that look like? What might you expect? As a Journeyer you will learn:

  • Why Magdalen came forward with this sharing, even though one would have been punished under the penalty of death in Her time for divulging it. There are unknown parts of ourselves yet to be discovered and so the Initiate journeys to reach them and use them to serve All Life
  • Understanding of the Khat, KA and BA
  • The Breathing Technique
  • The awareness and play with the Central Channel
  • The awareness and play with the Djed including Serpent Energy
    (Before you are able to practice the Alchemies of Horus, one must have accomplished the above steps)
  • Rising up the Secret Channel
  • The rise of the Two Serpents
  • The Chalice and our parents
  • Setting intention and direction for the Bliss